Friday, April 15, 2011

Harper Conservatives are infected with the Whacko Virus. . . . .

I have seriously come to believe that there is something wrong in this country; something bizarre and mysterious. In a place where corruption and illegality has little or no effect on the popularity of a government, something is, well. . . . just off. I have come to believe that irrefutable evidence could emerge that Harper was guilty of child molestation and it would have no impact on his popularity.

Of course, there are among his followers a die-hard group who are so stupid (sorry but there is no other word for it) that they think that the CBC is run by a sinister group of Bolsheviks and that Jack Layton follows a communist ideology. Of course most of these people have no idea what Bolshevik means and would be utterly incapably of articulating what communism, or even socialism, really are. These are the kind of people who, in the US, say that Obama wasn't born in America but that he is the head of some kind of international socialist conspiracy to take over the US in the name of Karl Marx. You can't argue with people like this because they are either too misinformed or they are so far gone that they have lost all reason.

In Canada there is a core base of these kinds of whackos and they would follow Harper no matter what he did. It is irrelevant to them to what degree he undermines democracy because at heart they don't really believe in democracy anyway. Sure, they like it when it goes their way, just like they believe in the courts as long as they are making decisions with which they agree. As far as these people are concerned, democracy is only something to be manipulated in order to further the corporate agenda. And if their leader does something wildly illegal or immoral, the Bolshevik conspiracy forced him to do it. On the other hand, if he were accused of doing something really terrible, they would simply believe that it is a conspiracy to discredit him.

Even though these hard-core crazies constitute only a portion of Conservative support I have come to the conclusion that their ignorance and stupidity have infected many traditional conservatives like a virus. Less and less do Conservatives care about facts such as real crime rates. Less and less do they care about whether their government proposes to spend billions upon billions on untendered  fighter jets with a dubious record. As long as it is a Conservative who feeds into their lingering beliefs in communist conspiracies and wants to privatize everything, it doesn't matter how corrupt, how dishonest, how evil he is, their support will remain unshaken. Historically this is exactly the attitude that leads eventually to tyranny. And it will lead there again.


Dana said...

What took ya so long?

kirbycairo said...


Owen Gray said...

We can hope that the young have not been infected by the virus -- and that they vote.

Dana said...

"I have come to the conclusion that their ignorance and stupidity have infected many traditional conservatives like a virus."

What took ya so long? :-)

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for, the four young people's web site: shitharperdid. The hits on this site are now in the millions, after a very short time. The word is getting out to the young people. Especially after, Harper sent his henchmen, to stop the voting at the Guelph University. The Conservatives even tried to grab the ballot box.

Harper even has Carson, a convicted criminal working with him, as his adviser. His Conservative Party is, held in contempt of the House. It blew me away. Harper said to stop his criminal acts, we need to give him a majority. Harper has gone as insane, as Hitler did.

No way can we allow that lunatic to govern this country. There is also a worry, Elections Canada, may be tampered with, and votes destroyed.

In BC, Elections BC was caught in corruption. They altered the wording of the recall petition, after the fact, the petition had already begun. They won't even trust Elections BC to count the ballots, for the next provincial election. The present government is known as, the BC Liberal Crime Family. This is no slur on Ignatieff's Liberal Party, he seems a decent honorable person. The BC Liberals are, riff raff from the old Conservatives, the Alliance party, and Lord knows from what dregs.

Harper is causing Canada to become a dirty, soiled, corrupt country, who the world is very horrified about. Harper has shamed, our once good country, for the eyes of the entire world to see.