Monday, April 11, 2011

When Voting is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Vote. . . .

Ignatieff has felt compelled to defend the fact that he voted in the UK at some point in the past. My question is simple: why would he defend himself? Only in the context of the Harper government can voting be characterized as wrongdoing. I lived in Britain for some years in the 1990s and because I was born in the UK I was entitled to vote. By virtue of the fact that the results of the elections affected my life, I voted. And surely only a Harper Tory could criticize anyone for taking part in the democratic process! We all know that the Conservatives don't won't people to vote here or anywhere else but Ignatieff should not legitimize the Conservative's anti-democratic tendencies by 'justifying' voting.

If Mr. Ignatieff was living in the UK and was entitled to vote, the only thing he should have to defend is if he had failed to exercise this democratic right.


Skinny Dipper said...

One must remember that any British subject who resides in the UK is entitled to vote. Years ago, we had the same rule in Canada for British subjects. Now, only Canadians may vote in Canadian elections.

900ft Jesus said...

that Lilley article - for want of a better word - was appalling. Massively dishonest, gutter-born, and very badly written as well.

Seriously, is that all the CONs have? Ignatieff voted legally while in England, and his wife can't vote yet because she's isn't line-jumping to get her citizenship? Pathetic, vile, unimaginative, monumentally stupid.

It offends me that this bunch is in power, making decisions that affect us.