Thursday, April 28, 2011

A brief glimpse of Tory Hypocrisy and Hyperbole. . . .

One need not be a particularly astute political observer to know that the Conservatives, as a general rule, only like democracy when it gives them the results they desire. It is no surprise then that as the NDP surges in the polls, Westerners suddenly begin to talk about separatism again. One Tory blogger, who gives away his own level of intelligence by displaying Glen Beck on his site (a man too mad even for FOX TV),  predictably talks of "catastrophe," and "chaos" and "disaster." Ho-Hum. Pretty standard stuff I guess. He also mourns the prospect of federal employees having to be bilingual (OH, the Horror of it all!), and the "rape" of Western Canada with the procedes given to Quebec. (Really, is that all?) But then this Tory Blogger brings out the big guns of separatism!

But "unlike Quebec that uses it just as a threat for blackmail, western Canada namely Alberta would actually act." Now, putting aside the atrocious grammar and punctuation, it is some pretty heavy stuff wouldn't you say? 

But "Chasing Apple Pie" (That really is the blogger's name), is apparently not the only one who harbours such opinions. One of his commentators, the aptly named "Clown Party," is even more ominous in his commentary. "I have said many times," the Clown tells us, "if the coalition gained power we would have an Eastern and Western Canada, just like North and South Korea." Wow, the rise in the NDP will not only result in chaos but in a die-hard communist state. It is a good thing the Clown warned us about this one or we might have become part of the axis of evil.

Meanwhile, another Tory blogger echos Sun TV and suggests that Jack Layton has the same politics as Russian Revolutionary leader Lenin. 

Honestly, this is fun stuff. I love it. I find it amusing that Tories believe that anyone who favours a economic system which is more concerned with average people than with rich bankers is the same thing as a Russian Bolshevik. But let's face it these people seem to have never read a history book, nor do they seem to have any understanding of political theory or its practical application. 

But the grandest irony of all is that while they suggest that the NDP will be soft on separatism, and therefor dangerous to national unity, they also talk of the need for Alberta to rise up in a separatist fervor.  Which is it Tories? Is Separatism good or bad? I guess just like democracy, for Tories separatism is only good for them but not for the other guy. 

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